Sator is a General Contractor that deals with turnkey design and fittings with specific skills for all types of space related to the office environment, the advanced tertiary, industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Sator have offices in Turin, Milan and Paris and have operated nationwide and worldwide since 1995. The company is the result of the fusion of extensive technical and commercial experience to ensure a combination of skills in the architectural design, building, technological systems, interior design and furniture sectors.

Sator is made up of a staff of architects and engineers who focus on designing, a special group dedicated to project management, on-site installation teams, specialised technicians and a production centre. Sator employs its own internal staff.

Sator guarantees that their clients achieve their specific requirements with customised projects, innovative solutions, transparency and rigorous timing while ensuring budget control and safety management for all work phases. Results are guaranteed by the management and cohesiveness of the entire process, using internal or outsourced but long term, loyal resources for every implementation and control phase.

Sator assists clients right from the start and never abandons them ensuring continuity and reliability even in the subsequent life stages of the property and spaces.