Processes modernisation and the speed of trading delivered a change to the market rules, and irreversibly modified the approach between the client and the construction site. Contemporary design evolution and mass customization of form and aesthetic at a global scale have increased customer expectations, extending the request of design connected to “interior contract”

These premises frame the idea of OPERA GROUP, an industrial joint venture aiming to create a complete service package for the client by having a unique technical and commercial interlocutor, and enabling to interconnect his needs in order to satisfy the “interior contract”. The group indeed unifies three player, each one with his own specialization: design, construction and furniture. Three independent society that operate in a balanced way with a shared concept, guaranteeing the client a single interaction, a single idea of work, a single answer, from the project to the final testing, with no lack of management or responsibility, and with important protection from economic uncertainties.

The experience of Opera Group is deep and its twenty year experience is proved by its ground-breaking market position.

Design is the starting point, quality is the arrival.