The design phase involves a team of architects, engineers and designers to identify and interpret each request in the best possible way. The support and our skills can be used in every phase and even after the delivery of the works Sator continues to be a constant interlocutor for every need. Our main activities are as follows:

  • In-depth preliminary analysis of the state of affairs
  • Identification of needs and potential
  • Renovation and restyling design
  • Facade and cladding design
  • Design of electrical, mechanical and special systems, deepening the most advanced technologies also for automation systems and space management
  • Lighting design
  • Interior furniture design
  • Corporate communication design
  • Collaboration and coaching of appointed professionals



The team of construction workers, technicians and craftsmen, always under the supervision of the project manager, take care of creating each design solution.

New constructions, plasterboard false ceilings and partitions, restoration of facades, electrical and thermal systems using the latest technologies, finishes, painting and decorations, the staff takes care of each realization in collaboration and constant comparison with the design team, to optimize the process in terms of time, budget and aesthetic and functional result.



We use high quality furnishings that we make ourselves or those of our partners and we take care of fittings paying careful attention to every detail.

Managing every phase allows us to organise the process effectively anticipating any critical issues to guarantee results that are consistent with our clients’ every need.



Interior designers and artisans are the winning combination that allows Sator to provide a complete service to make tailor-made furniture.

Furniture for offices, bedrooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, as well as windows and stairs. Sator takes care of the conception to the executive design of every piece of furniture made of high quality materials such as wood, glass or steel and follows every phase up to assembly and installation.


Sator works with professional firms and is able to actively support architects and designers during project implementation phases becoming a dependable and reliable partner that, thanks to their multiple skills, is able to contribute to selecting and achieving the most effective solutions in the executive phase.

Aware of every role and skill Sator is a valuable ally to make the process easier on designers who can rely on them for construction, plant or outfitting solutions without wasting resources in terms of time and costs, allowing them to act more thoroughly in the design phase and with their clients.